From client registration to the Trading System,
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. Home Broker

. Portfolios with net worth per share calculation

. Back Office 

. Mobile

And much more


Stock Exchange Certified OMS that brings complete control of risk, limits, custody positions and features.

Market Data

Real time Market information. Support for BM & F Bovespa / B3 with the UMDF UDP PUMA 2.0 standard, in spot and future market.


Multi-screen low latency platform for complete market instruments viewing that can support thousands of connections.

Treasuries Trading

Native integrated solution with webservices engines from TesouroDireto makes your trade a single click away. 

Customer Registration

Complete electronic software that brings customer review & approval tools, integrated with Sinacor and can be integrated with other internal systems. 


Valemobi makes receiving and sending funds easy and under control. We provide automatic transfers and on-line balance updates.


Valebroker App available to our clients so they can follow what is relevant on their iPhone, iPad or Android device. 

Fixed Income

Transactions, control and distributions over fixed income instruments such as CDB, LCA, LCI, CRA, CRI, Debentures and Treasuries.


Fund Transaction platform with appropriate controls and Investment Fund Distribution platform.


Valemobi servers are located in two Tier 3 independent regions of São Paulo, managed by Equinix Data Centers. Valemobi manages its own servers which are catered to by Valemobi expert hardware & network team .

There is a high degree of security in our network with reduntant firewalls in the main site, where clients services are segmented with their own IPs and ACL control. The production and testing environment run in different networks that cary protection agaisnt attacks (brute-force attack, DDoS), network is segmented in VLans with 24hs surveilance and correction application patches when necessary. 

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