Valemobi's Asset System Solution (A.S.) gives portfolio managers piece of mind to keep his/hers eyes on the market at all times. The solution allows for growth of AUM while controlling, by a robust operational system, front office, back office, fund management, Portfolio – from trading to compliance - and Liability.

The A.S. comes with extras, as it bring along the Trading Screen (T.S.), Market Flash (F.M.) and Technical Analysis (A.T.) modules where traders and portfolio managers can gauge market depth, liquidity, recent money movements, volume delta against recent history or even find the main buyers of that low liquidity small cap.

A security chronological record provides a complete audit trail and logs of transactions, events, changes and input of information of all system users. The solution comes with a set of pre-assigned compliance rules according to fund class but also allows for fund specific compliance rules to be created. It can send out alerts to supervisors of any breaching while compliance officers can access and supervise all actions.

Front Office

Multi-asset trading input module: This is your trading control platform, where the trader input all transactions either manually, importing from a spreadsheet or through automatic feedback of executions. Alternatively, one can use Valemobi's trading screen for actual trading and execution, keep track of all transactions in the electronic blotter during trading hours, while capturing all executions in Valemobi´s back office.  The transactions can be booked in different strategies and books.

Back Office

The back office module works as a segregated area for operations control. This is the module where your operations team control and validates spot trades, SBL and futures transactions, matching broker confirmations to actual trade blotter.  The back office module also receives the drop-copy from each trading executions and make it available for allocation.  We also built a report generation tool that can easily generate and export custom made reports to interested parties.

Fund Administration

The Fund Administration module is a detailed registry that guides your fund´s operations. It allows you to register the fund and is characteristics such as fees, redemption payment term, custodian codes, currency, performance benchmark, type and class of fund, recurring expenses and revenues. In this module there are fields for registration of portfolio managers, traders and operations personnel.


The liabilities module allows for registration and tracking of your client base, main accounts, fund distributors, fund subscription and redemption, performance fee calculation, fund rebate and taxes. This module can issue reports by NAV certificates, dates and series.  

Order Management System/Multi-broker

Our Order Management System can integrate third party platforms and consolidate all executions. The OMS is connected to front-office, back office, portfolio, P&L calculations and compliance. It is a safe environment to monitor of all your transactions while registering all operational details.  


Real time portfolio management module monitors your assets performance. You can check the portfolio performance by asset type, or industry while looking at separate books or strategies. Valemobi also shows the on-line and projected custody of assets and allows for exotic or regular asset pricing for simulating changes in the portfolio.

Fund Performance

A complete module to view portfolio returns, returns per asset or asset class, historical performance, graphs and benchmark comparison. All screen are exportable to excel spreadsheet.


Valemobi has the most comprehensive compliance module available in the market giving you piece of mind at all times. It follows all standard fund rules as well as fund specific rules so legislation becomes an easy hurdle to overcome. The compliance is able simulate buy and selling impact on portfolio, add limits per assets, cash, asset liquidity, exposure, black-list among others.


The risk module uses many metrics to keep your portfolio safe. We calculate and measure volatility, beta, standard deviation, liquidity risk, VaR, duration, contribution to risk and perform stress testing.

Cash Balances & Cash Flow

Dividend, interest, asset selling and buying, stock exchanges stamp fees, futures index adjustments, redemption, new money inflow, recurring and non-recurring costs, regulatory costs and fund audit costs.

Softwares for Banks, Brokers and Assets Managers

Valemobi has a top notch team that understands not only the asset calculation and pricing but also your need to closely monitor your positions and risk.  Valemobi owns and develops solutions that can make your day to day much simpler, with a control dashboard at the tip of your fingers as well as high level of integration with legacy systems. 

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